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Instructor Training via the British Aikido Association

We all need a hobby, I’ve been doing Aikido for about seven years now, it’s something I was introduced to by a colleague. Since that day, I’ve trained in a number of different dojos and environments, some of which were inside, outside, on mats that were soft and mats that were hard, even on ice. Whether it be in a school, a sports centre or the elements themselves, despite their differences the pursuit is always in the name of self-mastery. Taking people who may lack physical intelligence and cultivating it, or providing an opportunity to those blessed with an abundance of talent and receiving the direction needed to overcome conceit. When you move so far […]

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I’m actually a fairly difficult person to motivate and, unless I truly enjoy something, the chances are such that I will not give it my all. As far as physical activity goes, the main motivator for me is to be with the people I’ve come to know over the years through training. If we all went our separate ways, I’d be left with a void so vacuous in my soul that I’d have a very difficult time keeping grounded. I’m not accustomed to winning things, when I do compete I always make sure it’s against overwhelming odds as that’s the only time something ever feels ‘real’ to me. Over the weekend, our dojo took part […]

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