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Mixed Reality with the Oculus DK2

The irony of virtual reality is that, despite being a visual medium, it remains incredibly difficult to convey in a faithful manner. It’s not just about the visual impact of an experience but also the immersion factor. I made a post a few months ago in which I filmed myself using the Oculus Rift at a desk. In that video, I cross-faded the perspectives of a bystander and user in an attempt to communicate how people can interact with a 3D environment using a headset. Virtual Reality represents something of a growth industry right now but it will take time to convince people of its promise as a means for channelling emotional bandwidth. In the […]

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Getting serious with virtual and augmented reality at the VRTGO conference

Last week I attended the VRTGO conference in Newcastle, a day of talks from various industry representatives describing how they were using Virtual and Augmented Reality in their businesses. Happily, not all of it was gaming-related, something which has been difficult to exclude from these events as, understandably, the gaming sector is what is driving the VR agenda at this time. Having said that, one of the representatives from Crossrail (a London-based project to link various underground railway networks) was able to answer my question of whether there was still any stigma surrounding the term ‘gaming technology’, responding that most people with any interest in the medium already had prior exposure to gaming and that, […]

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Unity 3D Augmented Reality Interface

Augmented reality is quickly becoming a useful way of providing a more intuitive means of interacting with 3D content. All one need do is move the marker (rotate it, bring it closer to the camera etc…) and the change in orientation/distance is reflected on screen. I’m currently running a few experiments with this in Unity and hope to publish a browser-based version of my results soon. Publishing to Android is also possible, speaking of which I hope to release a non-AR game on the Google play store in late February. I leave you with a few results of my AR experiments, so far I’ve based the code on the work of the Augmented Environments Laboratory […]

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