Health and Saftey Training Environment (Unity 3D Prototype)

Yet another project I’m working on, this time a health and safety training environment for the University of Hertfordshire. The purpose of this particular app is to allow the staff to assess the ability of potential employees to spot dangerous situations in the office environment, things like low chairs, wires trailing across the floor, screen glare etc…


I’m going to try and keep the polycount low on this one as it’s going to be delivered via a web browser and you can never tell how fast another user’s machine is. To that end, I’ve allowed the user to switch between quality settings and might make some super low poly models for the ultra low setting.


Again, I’m not using real-time lighting, as beautiful as the stuff is. This is mainly in consideration of performance issues. Having said that, there’s a lot you can do with baking your own lightmaps, as you can see in the shots.

Just a quick reminder to readers. Although Unity 3D is marketed as being a game engine, it is just a 3D engine. You can do more with it, other than make games.





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