3D Land Law

It’s often difficult to visualise something in a medium as text heavy as law, though an opportunity for creativity made itself available recently. A colleague approached me with a view to enhancing a sketch he had made with a 3D representation. It’s now being used to assist in conveying the principles of land law. Due to some time constraints, there were limits to what we wanted to achieve with this though I decided the best use of our time would be to work with Google Sketchup. The end result is what you see in the video below.

The idea is that students are able to navigate the scene by downloading the Sketchup viewer and pressing the scene buttons to allow the camera to focus in on various points of interest. It has more use as an in-class tool however as it’s a nice way to initiate discussions around boundaries and trespassing. The goal is to, over the course of the semester, develop it with a view to making the implementation browser-based, so students can navigate the 3D model from inside the browser. Given the subject, it’s not safe to rely on a user’s prior exposure to 3D, be it through gaming or otherwise, so the interface needs to be intuitive and simple to pick up. A simple set of scene buttons seems to serve us well in that respect.

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